Biography of Mohammed Shafiq, Chief Executive, Ramadhan Foundation 

Mohammed Shafiq is chief Executive and a founding member of the Ramadhan Foundation which is one of the UK's leading Muslim youth organisations; based in Greater Manchester. Married with two daughters Mohammed is a second generation British Muslim born in 1979 to parents from Pakistan attended school and brought up in the Northern English town of Rochdale.

Starting off as the Press Spokesman he was able to become a regular face responding to Muslim issues, some accuse him of rent a quote with strong views that he doesn't think of the consequences of his actions whilst others praise his leadership for speaking the unspeakable.

Mohammed believes that it is his duty as a Muslim to speak out strongly against extremism and terrorism; he has been able to provide a very strong and determined opposition to terrorism and the threat from extremism in the UK, often the first to respond to events affecting British Muslims both in the UK and abroad, he was the first Muslim organisational Head to appear on BBC News to condemn the Glasgow terrorist attacks. Mohammed led the media campaign to free British School teacher Gillian Gibbons after her arrest in Sudan over the row of naming a teddy bear and provided British response to the death of Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan.

He was the Project Manager for the successful international Muslim Unity Convention held in the aftermath of the 7/7 attacks, this unique event was the first of its kind in western Europe to bring together Muslims from many backgrounds to come together and unite against common problems and challenges and is a member of the Organising Committee for the 2nd International Muslim Unity Convention to be held in Kuala Lumpur in December 2009.

He has made numerous statements on controversial subjects like forced marriages, honour killings, Grooming of White Teenagers, and drug dealers.

Recently called Rent a Quote in the Guardian in response to Bishop Nazir Ali comments on no go areas for Christians but launched a strong challenge to Bishop Nazir to provide examples and a public debate, Mr. Nazir Ali failed to respond.

Featured in BBC Panorama in February 2008 on the subject of white teenagers being groomed for sex by drug gangs, he was able get communities to speak out against this evil and received over 10 000 emails praising his outspoken comments. Nominated in 2008 to be man of the Year in the Fusion Awards.

Mohammed is a Presenter on various programmes on Ummah Channel launched in 2009 on Sky Channel 828. He also reviews the papers on BBC Radio Five Live on Friday nights at midnight.

Mohammed has become the first to be contacted by many media outlets on Muslim issues; he says his aim to ensure tolerance and understanding between communities.


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